How To Use Seamless Patterns!

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Hi there! I’m Tori Egeler, owner of Egeler Designs! Are you wondering how to use the digital patterns you see on our website? Have no fear, I am here to help! 

Let’s start by talking about what our digital patterns + PNGS can be used for. Our customers are some of the craftiest people in the small shop world! I have seen them make keychains, earrings, blankets, clothing, phone cases, and the list could go on forever.


You'll start by browsing our website to find the perfect patterns and png designs for your project. Items labeled “PNG” in the title are NOT seamless. They are used as transparent panels. Great for printing on mugs, and shirts! All other items without the word “PNG” in the title are seamless. This means the edges line up to create a repeating pattern for printing purposes.


After you have settled on your favorite designs from you’ll head to checkout, and complete your purchase. Your Digitals will be available for download immediately! If you happen to close out of the tab before downloading, no fret. They will also be emailed to you via the email provided at checkout!

Once you have your digitals you are going to head over to Facebook to find a new favorite fabric printer! (If you don’t already have one) A great way to research fabric printers is to search “Custom Fabric Printing” on Facebook under the groups page. Join a few, and see what sparks your attention! 

After you have found a fabric printer who carries the type of fabric you need, you can reach out to the owner for any questions, requests, or policy inquiries to make sure your printing goes smoothly! Many fabric shops will create panels (for sewing up shirts) as well as help with scaling and color matching. 


if you need fabric printer recommendations join our Facebook group: TAP HERE TO JOIN


You can also email with any additional questions! We would love to be your seamless pattern supplier! Thanks for stopping by! See what’s new HERE!

-The Egelers